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Therapeutic Books

Therapeutic children's books are books that are specifically designed to help children cope with emotional and psychological challenges. These books often have a story that children can relate to and can help them understand and express their feelings. They can be used in therapy sessions or as a tool for parents and caregivers to engage with children on difficult topics. Therapeutic children's books can cover a wide range of topics, including anxiety, grief, trauma, and self-esteem, and they can be a helpful resource for children who are struggling to cope with these issues.

The Chameleon Who Couldn't Change His Colours

by Brenda Leemans


Oh, no! Connor the Chameleon is the only chameleon in the Karoo that can’t change his colours! Follow Connor and his family on his quest to find his colours, and learn why it’s so important to be able to talk about your troubles. The Chameleon who couldn’t change his colours is a wonderful introduction to counselling or therapy for children of all ages. It’s also a story to teach children the importance of talking about their feelings and helps them to feel less anxious about their differences and struggles.

Hardcopies available from the author R130

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